With the Help of Hans Jenny...

Hans Jenny. What an extraordinary man whose research into vibrations and periodic phenomena has bridged the gap between visual and audible pleasure. As you are aware, I am truly fascinated by energy interpretation through the senses so being able to combine this and form a link has left me thoroughly intrigued and quite happily immersing oneself throughout the 'furlough holiday' this week.

My aim is to create more of an understanding about the formation of the energy, linking this with our emotional state at that present time and developing the visual aesthetic to enhance the feeling of being in the moment. As we as humans are simply a mass of energy in ourselves who are attracted to certain sounds, sights and touch, it is an underlying question of why this attraction is (why energy is particularly attracted to certain other types of energy).

Part of the research will be to look at this on a scientific basis as per Hans Jenny's research as well as hopefully embarking on a holistic approach by understanding Chakra basics (this is probably going to require some financial investment). Other areas will be personal development of sounds interpretation through the arts practice by listening to various sound frequencies, music and vocals to try and visual record the emotion onto paper. This of which is well underway and to my surprise has left me competely perplexed by the main image above showing the interpretation of music through subconcious sketching after being humbly inspired by Anthony Gormley's exhibition at the RA last year showing a beautiful array of sketches, not all of which were beautiful or meaningful to the untrained eye but showed the bursts of creativity that were supressed in Gormley's mind.

With this inspiration I shut myself away in my bedroom with earphones in, listening to the most heartfelt songs that emotionally grip me and set away to sketch. I did not like the results and appeared they probably would not mean anything to others. Often I love to publish my sketches and artworks so they must be deemed skilful enough to show others the complexity and technicality that have gone into them but of course that can suppress ones actual creative play. I have a tendency to not show my simply sketches of musings due to lack of 'creative esteem' and due to this anxiety it can play havock with driving a career and producing innovative work. So in my own personal development I have decided to always upload an array of my work even if I think it is a bit, well.... shit.

And talking of which, I had the exact opinion of the white pencil and black paper drawings pictured above which can be found in the 'Sketches' tab of this website. I would have undoubtedly thrown this away but counteracting the usual negative thoughts, I'd posted and today came to unexpectidly realise that my subconcious reflection of this particular song (I can't remember which!) is exraordinarily similar to Hans Jenny's vortices experiment pictures within the book and showing four quadrants with axis symmetry. Perhaps a coincidence, but otherwise a true investigation of sound energy and shows that how little a sketch can be, could have insightful meaning months and months later.

Naturally this has enticed me to research more into the phenomena and my artistic fingertips are urging to pick up a pencil and continue to interpret the frequencies into abstract 'meaningless' visual formations.

O T H E R   N E W S