Metal Spinning

A great start to the new year visiting a metal spinner in Sheffield for the completion of the cap fitting for the Geometric Pendants. Although the industrial feel to the current fitting is interesting, there is room for improvement and will appeal to a broader market with a simpler and sleek look to complete the pendant.

Metal spinning is a unique way of creating a smooth tapered form which will hide all electrical components and will be held in the correct place by 3 pins at a 120 degree points - this enables stability and easy access to change the bulb.

Various designs have been drawn up and tested, but it has been decided that a very simple design is sufficient so that it does not draw the eye away from the actual glass form. It does not need to be complex however tempting this may be. The only limitation is that the lamp holder must be hidden so careful measurements have to be taken to ensure this does not stick out too much.

The drawings were then taken to the metal spinner, and it isn't an overly complicated form to create so should be quick to create. This will then be tested with the actual glass form, with sillicone tubing to stop the glass/metal contact from the pins. Once the first prototype is complete, others can be sent of for completion and ready for sale - it is not an easy process as all parts are handmade and require a number of makers, not just myself to produce the final product.

Its always great to meet people who are keen to work with you, as well as those who want to teach you along the way. I had an introduction to the process of metal spinning, understanding areas such as nylon masters are better than wood, all tooling is handmade, and you can buy 'proper spinning metal, especially for spinners' which is much softer and easier to shape.

After spinning, the caps will be sent to be polished and lacqured so they do not tarnish, and unfortunately will increase the total pricing of manufacturer which will affect the overall price. It is definitely an interesting process which I would like to use more off but to include in the actual sculptural form rather than as a technical aspect. Combining glass with metal isn't easy, but it has been done and combining materials such as Pia Wustenbergs Utopia vases which are a definite inspiration.

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