Jewellery Collections 2015

The Fluidity Jewellery Collection has expanded in to new colours and adornments for 2015, with a specific colour pallette which takes inspiration from elements within nature. The work has gained quite the publicity, and will be sold at Cleethorpes Memorial Hall's Craft Fair on 6th September 2015, 10am - 4pm. Not only this, there will be another date to add to the calendar as the collections will also be avaliable at the same place, on 27/09/2015.

All jewellery comes with a branded gift box and business card, and will be a great push for the designs within the local area. However, I have also been given a fantastic opportunity for the collections to be exhibited as part of Silverside Glass in Bath at the end of October - November. This is a chance for the work to be spread over a national level, and fits perfectly in to the exhibition called 'Flow'. I would like to thank Gill Silverside for accepting the work and will gives more details later on this month.

O T H E R   N E W S