August 2015 Update

It's been a busy month with the preparation for the Cleethorpes Craft Fair which is on 27th Septemeber 2015 at the Memorial Hall where the range jewellery collections will be available for purchase. Not only this, but work has also been put in to place to launch a new Etsy shop where customers are able to purchase the work after the event. It has proven to be very popular in previous years, with expansion of the collections consisting of more variety which will be new to 2015. Commissions will also be accepted throughout the event.

Another aspect that has been considered the past couple of months is the theme 'Connections' which explores the transition of life and humans behavior within society - how we all need to feel connected in some shape or form, and that structure and pattern, perhaps even repition gives us stability and is a desire we all have. We gain comfort from these aspects, and with the development of this concept I aim to produce sculptural/functional lighting pieces that portray such key elements. The beginnings of the theme has resulted in sampling clear stringers and copper oxide bubbles by 'tack fusing', and the progression of this will commence with a secured place as Artist in Residence at the Grimsby Institute.

Other news, the sponsers of New Design Britain Awards at May Design Series 'ACHICA' are all set to promote the Geometric Pendant Lighting through their website, giving the work the publicity it deserves. The work will not be sold through the actual website, but customers may enquire by contacting through my own website. Achica's marketing launch will commence on 7th September where you will be able to see various other works from the New Design Britain Award Accessory Category finalists.

So September looks like a busy and promising month, along with the development of a commission-based vessel with deep purple preferences and a feminine form to compliment a contemporary interior. Lots of drawing and colour-play has been a major aspect for this month, and it will be exciting to see the designs come to life!

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