June 2015 Update

With May Design Series all settled and the imagery collected from 35mil Photography, the business is now taking shape with it's unique logo and beautiful shots of the Geometric Pendants.

So far this month, the images have been sent off to New Design Britain/UBM to be passed on to Design Detail Magazine which will be focusing on a 'British Collectives' issue and will be publishing the work of all 30 New Design Britain Award finalists. Not only is this another fantastic opportunity, but an insight in to the international market and an open doorway to other potential events and contacts.

As for the progression with the lighting components and how to develop a more discreet fitting, various tests are underway to understand more about the new adhesive which had been recommended by The Light Yard. This can then be used with the new metal fittings which are currently being made with an engineering team in North East Lincolnshire. Once the parts have been sent, we are able to combine all the knowledge and test the first new prototype to go alongside the lighting design.

Some of the examples are complicated than others which will obviously effect the pricing, so consideration of the safest, easiest and cheapest option needs to be discussed. Once the final decisions have been made, the pendant light can be altered and sold with it's brand new and neater design.

O T H E R   N E W S