NTU's Profile of the Month

I'm delighted to annouce that I have been made 'Profile of the Month' as part of the Nottingham Trent University Alumni. Here, I have spoken about my progression since graduating and all the little bits and pieces I have been up to in order to get to where I am today.

I hope to inspire the graduates of 2015 to keep making even after university as some tend to stop, making it rather difficult to get back in to the swing of things. There often tends to be a sense of limbo when finishing and before starting your own practice, and it's hard to know which direction to head. My advice is to talk to as many professionals from the industry as possible and make yourself known, use social media to find competitions and it's also a great idea to do some work experience or volunteering in your specialist area as well.

To take a look at my profile CLICK HERE

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