Kickstarter Update & Progression

The Kickstarter Campaign for the Geometric Pendants ended May 31st 2015 and unfortunately the target was not met and therefore means funding is still needed to finalise the product. Steel fabricators are on stand by and ready with the measurements and the designs have been drawn up of the new metal fitting prototypes.

A great opportunity has come from the New Design Britain Awards of a feature in a magazine which needs high-quality photographs of the products and work is under way for this to be complete by the end of June. Keep your eyes peeled for more information and I'm excited to have some professional imagery of my work.

I am also looking to create my next works which involve wall panelling using kilnformed techniques, and kinetic energy lighting. The inspiration has come from my previous work 'Architectural Wall Panelling' as well as from my visit to the Grimsby Institute for the Art and Design degree show where I met a lovely soon-to-be graduate who created perspex tables with an industrial feel.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported me in the Kickstarter project, it was worth a try and I did manage to get quite a bit of coverage on social media, but crowdfunding is still quite a delicate area within the communities so it's back to the drawing board and to source other funds.

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