Students Enter Glass Prize 2015

The Glass Workshop for GCSE and A-Level students has been a great success, with a consistant bunch of pupils participating in learning new skills and techniques which can be applied to their exam modules and boost their grades.

I've thoroughly enjoyed teaching them the processes in order to create various outcomes, from jewellery and tiles, to sculptural pieces for their courseworks. It has given them a bit of extra time to experiment using process-lead design which many can be reluctant to try due to thinking it could be a waste of time - but I believe that mistakes and accidents prove to be some of the best results.

After lots of planning, a couple of them entered the Glass Prize 2015 - Bullseye for Schools Category which can be found online: (Voting is now closed).

This was an excellent opportunity to get them involved with a live project and to show their work to the public which gives a great sense of satisfaction. Little perspex stands were created for their works and photographed showing a definite relationship with light. Entering the competition achieves a professional-looking outcome, high quality photographs for their portfolios and something to add to their CV.

With now having the experience of teaching and knowing the capabilities of beginners in glass, it will be easy to progress further with this in the future - perhaps giving other teachers from different schools the ability to use glass to achieve good results on a low budget, as it can be done.

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