Kickstarter Launch!

The Geometric Pendants range is now ready for funding and will continue until 31st May. The work highlights british design and are a unique asymmetric faceted shape, blown by UK glass artists and supports handmade design.

At the moment the work is made by a mould-making process which takes time, costs in materials and each mould can only be used approximately 4/5 times before it breaks down, creating wastage. This would not be an efficient way if the work is to be launched in to production and therefore means another way of creating the form needs to be apparent.

Hence the development of the steel mould which has now been quoted and is ready to go when the funds are present! Measurements of facets and redevelopment in to a two-part mould have emerged, making it faster, more efficient, and will create a smoother and clean-cut edge to the designs.

As the plans progress, three lighting prototypes were cold worked to test options for suspending the glass and connecting the light fitting. Due to the weight of the glass and nature of material, not to mention the fact the glass piece has a closed bottom so cannot be assembled like normal light shades, means a vast amount of research and understanding to go ahead with the final mechanism.

The more you drill or carve away at the glass the more delicate it becomes - this means trying to leave as much glass as possible round the neck without ruining the aesthetics. Its a fine line between the two, and will have to be a compromise due to health and safety as this is more important than anything.

Progression within the project is coming along nicely, and it is great to see the interest and answer various questions about my work. The next steps will be to try and involve the local community as I don't think many of them know who I am, and I think it would be great for them to see someone from a small town achieving as much as one has.

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