Kickstarter: Geometric Pendants

On 28th April 2015, a Kickstarter campaign will be launched to finalise the Geometric Pendants, resulting in being launched in to retail in September 2015.

The work is almost finished, but due to lack of funds the project cannot continue - the light fitting still needs a vast amount of work done to it, as well as creating a steel mould which allows for a faster production which cuts down on lead time.

In the Kickstarter project, all information as to what is needed will be apparent, as well as a 6 month plan to keep things on track. The work will firstly be going on sale in an online luxury retail store, and eventually result to branching out to different areas.

Once the campaign has finished, work will be well underway with regular updates on how things are going. This will be the first lighting product to launch, and will be a gateway to many more lighting products produced by Alison Rowena Joy.

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