Register for May Design Series 2015

May Design Series 2015 will be held 17th - 19th May with over 15,000 industry professionals, including a section dedicated to the New Design Britain Awards where I'll be situated along with many other emerging designers from each of the categories: Surface, Interiors, Architecture, Furniture, Fabrics and Accessories.

The latest updates from the New Design Britain Twitter page and website has given us an insight of each designers work, but it will be interesting to hear their background choices and development of why they have resulted in such outcomes. The awards focus on business awareness from materials expenditure, retail/wholsale costs and if the work is realisticly going to become a desired product within the design industry. Therefore it is essential to create a business plan providing the relevant information and show not only the judges, but buyers and potential employers an understanding of all aspects of design.

Although very exciting being a part of the awards, i'll hopefully be popping away every so often so network and chat to other lighting designers who are able to advice me on pushing my career within this industry.

Not only are there various sections within the event to have a wonder round such as Lighting, Furniture, Bathrooms and Kitchens, Decor and DX, but there will also be conference talks which will give key information for a thriving business.

To register for May Design Series Click Here.

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