Work Under Production.

Saturday 4th April consisted of a trip up to Matlock to work with glass blower Anthony Wassell in producing more work within one day session. The idea is to understand more about costs and timings within the production, how many breakages are likely, and what can be put in to place to speed up the process.

So a total of 9 were created and have a slightly longer point on one of the sides than the original collection. Less glass was used and more force, allowing a more geometric shape to form rather than the softer edges in the previous pieces. Two new colours were also tested although were not the original colours I had in mind - however the brightness of each colour tends to soften when lit so may become more desirable once finished.

Creating a lip on the edge of the glass has proven to be a very difficult task. This cannot be lampworked in the glassblowing stages as the hole would become distorted making it difficult to assemble the light fitting inside. We also tried the wooden top mechanism with grooves in which seemed very thin, very wonky, lessened the aesthetics and in the end cracked...

So the next stages are to create an understanding of the cold working process, and what can be done to transform the work to become a more sufficient product.

Other notes on the newly blown pieces are that they now have a textures top from where the wood has been burnt. This hasn't affected the work as such, but shows that a better type of wood needs to be used than birch ply - fruit woods are the most suitable so it could be a case of investing in this.

However, the mould making process takes up a vast amount of time and materials, with a fair amount of wastage which is why a steel mould is looking to be created. Measurements of the form have been sent to various steel companies in the local area and will hopefully get back as soon as possible. After both the new mould and cold working have been completed, it is then time to re-evaluate the light fitting.

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