Holloways of Ludlow VIP & Industry Event Night.

The Holloways of Ludlow 30th Anniversary event on 12th March 2015 was a great opportunity to see the all the Delight in Light finalist's designs on display in the showroom window, and also to speak to others from the design industry. It was interesting to see the Geometric Pendants in a different lighting compared to when they were displayed at 100% Design. The natural light from outside had softened the colours creating beautiful tones and working extremely well together. A pleasing sight for walker's by, and a proud moment for myself.

Not only was it great to be able to show the public and industry the work, but also to catch up with fellow competitors who are full of ideas of how to progress and develop eachother's work. After all, we are emerging designers and all have something we could consider changing, and are also more than happy to hear other's point of views.

It was lovely to finally meet Mark Holloway and his team, as well as design professionals from Conran, White Company, Sunday Times, Grand Designs and My Warehouse Home who were all interested in the background behind the work and where it will lead to next. Their feedback was promising as well as motivating to finalise the designs and put them in to production as they have huge potential. This event was a great insight in to understanding business and allows space for the work to grow in the right direction with support and advice.

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