Geometric Pendants Short-listed for New Design Britain Awards 2015

The Geometric Pendants have now been short-listed for the New Design Britain Awards 2014 in the Accessories Category. Another great opportunity to show industy professionals my unique designs by attending the May Design Series exhibition in London 17th-19th May 2015.

With the first batch of lights currently in the Holloways of Ludlow showrooms in London, these have a potential to sell and if so, means I will have no lights to show for the next event - therefore work is well underway in organising a glassblowing session with Anthony Wassell, and the start of a Kickstarter project to help fund the next lot of lights! I have had an unbelievable amount of support from many people who I have met along the way: professional designers, glass blowers, lecturers, family and from where I currently work at the school.

The work produced has shown such demand, that it has been considered to launch these in to production. A new set of lights will be adapted even more so than they already have, to try and alter the opening of the glass piece so that a light fitting can fit more easily in to it. Once the lights have all been produced and are displayed at May Design Series, the next steps are to be judges and if successfully winning the award there are industry placements which would be a fantastic chance of gaining more experience and knowledge for future designs.

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