Transformation of the Geometric Pendants for Holloways of Ludlow

With less than a month to go until the Holloways of Ludlow 30th Anniversary event, the Geometric Pendants have undergone a unique transformation of stablising the E14 light fitting with a new clamp suspension mechanism to hold the weigh of the pendant, as well as being able to change the bulb if needed.

The past 4 months have consisted of exstensive research in to light fittings, suspension, colour temperatures and types of LEDs to gain the best possible outcome for the work as they have become a highly desired interior accessory. It is also a huge help from companies such as Fiat Lux in Frome, Somerset and Lasvit - a Czech Republic lighting installation company to pass information on and give me a better idea of tackling this issue.

I originally wanted the light fitting to be a minimalistic as possible - almost invisible to the eye, but of course this is impossible. Rather than complicating things for this design and trying to find an LED that would be so small yet give just the right amount of brightness would take a lengthy amount of time, and I was extremely happy with the colour temperature of the IKEA E14 LED bulb in the first place as this was what people have seen before hand - it would be wrong to change the bulb to a whiter light as this can completely change the colour of the glass which is one of the things I am complimented on most. Therefore rather than changing the whole fitting, and with the help of my highly skilled uncle, we adapted the E14 lampholder to sit perfectly in the top of the light using copper accents ( a must-have in interior accessories and adds to the aesthetics of the design!), resulting in a more professional outcome which looks like it belongs with the glass piece.

The work will be supplied with an E14 IKEA bulb and a data information sheets to show the energy efficiency of the LED, as well as instructions on how to disassemble to product in order to replace the bulb as it can be quite tricky. However, the IKEA bulb states it has a life-time of 20,000 hours so you shouldn't have to change the bulb for quite a while, and with only being £3 for a replacement, its perfect.

Therefore the Geometric Pendants will be exactly the same as previously seen, except with small additional features to the fitting.

Look out for the work on the Holloways of Ludlow website for more information on the Delight in Light finalists who are joining me:

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