Holloways of Ludlow 30th Anniversary March 2015

Holloways of Ludlow, one of the UK’s leading lighting/fixtures & fittings companies who have 7 UK showrooms (6 in London), visited the ‘Delight in Light’ competition stand at 100% Design and were very impressed with the Geometric light design. They have therefore kindly invited me and a few other finalists to showcase the light designs during the month of March 2015 at Holloways of Ludlow’s contemporary showroom in Brook Green, London.

WIth accepting the invite to the event, the lights will undergo a dramatic change to the fitting inside, and will be available for purchase after being PAT tested. At the moment the idea is to create a minimalistic light source inside so that the source is highlighting the edges of the facets but you are not able to see the actual fitting. Another thing to take in to account is the suspension mechanism - what is already there works, but there are other ways to create a professional finish to the product.

KKB Daily have already written up an article for the event, and my work will also be featured in March's issue of Homes and Gardens - so keep a look out!

Aslong as the lights will be finished to my satisfaction, they will be on sale as a cluster at the event.


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