National Glass Centre Application Form Submission

Due to being a member of the Contemporary Glass Society, an e-mail was sent out to advertise the opportunity for work to be displayed at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland. This is a chance to show the Architectural Panelling created for my degree alongside the Geometric Pendant Lighting which did not receive the recognition it should have due to being next to the more dominant pieces of works which I had created.

The process of this work is extremely complex, with a very uncommon process of using laser-sintered 3D printed forms which were created using Rhino software, and then converting this in to a material to withstand the heat of the kilns so it was possible to slump over and create a highly aesthetic tessellated texture.

Since the degree, there has been a change of how the work it displayed due to the wall panelling taking a rather long time to put up. Instead, the Architectural Panelling is now displayed as a set of two which can be positioned to the buyers desire, and is perfect for a centre piece or on a windowsill to allow light to pass through and catch on the structured forms.

'Over a twelve month period 16 CGS members will have the opportunity to show up to five pieces of work, depending on the size, for a 6 week period. There will be 8 showcases a year, each displaying the work of 2 artists. This will be a selling show so pieces must be for sale. The Centre has a high footfall (between 13,000 and 20,000 visitors per month depending on the time of year) and the lower foyer entrance is adjacent to the shop and is used by roughly half the Centre visitors. The unit is glass and is lit with spotlights inside the case – work can be seen as you enter the building and can also be seen from the cafe area.' CGS (2014)

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