Volunteering at Waddeson Manor - Bruce Munro 'Winter Light'

After keeping in contact since my second year of university and with Bruce Munro being a great inspiration throughout my works, I was able to help install one of the seven light sculptures at Waddeson Manor which will be ready from 12th November - 4th January. The two days consisted of working along side two other volunteers and 4 team members who work for Bruce Munro, setting up the installation 'Beacon'. It was interesting to see the background of the employees from the degrees they chose and the jobs which they had done before this which was not neccesarily in their profession at first.

'Beacon' consists of thousands of clear plastic bottles screwed in to perpex triangles which are then fitted on to a domed structure. The bottles have a hole screwed in the lid with a fibre optic strand fitted inside which links up to a projector in the middle and will eventually change colour. This piece has been installed at Knoll Hill in Kilmington last year and will be the firsts time it has been shown at Waddeson.

Although the installation was very repetitive and other volunteers complained about the lack of variety within the job, it was an easy task to do and once the structure was starting to come together it was a great sense of satisfaction to help set up such a large piece of design and to see the final outcome. Being able to understand how pieces like this are made and the requirements to set up is extremely beneficial to me as a designer, not to mention talking to people within this industry about my own lighting designs. Working outside and making requires many practical skills developed from university, as well as using logic, organisation and being efficient - a lot of work had to be done in a short space of time!

So, along with 'Beacon', various other light sculptures will be dotted around the estate including in the house, however Waddeson Manor charge £8 entry to Gardens, but if wanting to go in to the house that is another £10 on top and you will need to book in advance as it proves to be very popular.

The two days spent helping out were extremely worthwhile and i'd be happy to do this again. I can imagine that with all the sculptures up and running with the gardens open till 7pm will create a highly aesthetic atmosphere which I hope to visit again early December to see for myself.

Winter Light at Waddeson: Bruce Munro

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