Christmas Craft Fair - 29th November @ Civic Centre, Warminster

I'll be attending the Christmas Craft Fair at the Civic Centre in Warminster, Wiltshire on 29th November selling a variety of festive giftware from hand engraved glasses to glass dishes and candles which will make perfect presents for loved ones. The event is on from 10am - 5pm and is a chance to sell some of my pieces of work to the local area.

The hand engraved glasses will be a choice of champagne, wine and pint glass with various designs from festive phrases to snowflakes and christmas trees. Each piece is carefully worked on and are done entirely by freehand. Candles are a selection of 'Christmas Berry' and 'White Jasmine' which have copper oxide fused bubbles around the outside which will effectively catch the light of the flame and create a beautiful effect - these have also been hand engraved with a snowflake design.

To make use of the table space and due to having access to the wood workshop/prep room at the secondary school I work at I have been able to create a 3 tier wooden step which I have painted black - this is to ensure that the public are able to see the engraving as much as possible and so I am able to fit more in the available space as well as adding aesthetics to the display.

Adding some fairly lights, brown paper bags and stickers will create more of a professional look making buyers more intruiged by the stand and appreciate the effort. It may be an idea to write a little about myself as an artist as consumers feel satisfied when purchasing an item from a practicing designer within the industry rather than just any old person.

As of tomorrow I shall be going back to the school which is now closed due to half term and setting up my glassworks to produce glass candle holders and platter dishes to fire using their kilns. The works will need to be timed correctly to get as many firings in as possible, and this is also good practice to understand firing sequences for these kilns for the students works in the future.

Alot of time and effort has been put in to creating beautiful products for buyers around the Warminster area, and hopefully with a successful turn out many of the items I have created will go to good homes!

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