Visualisations and Concepts: Behind the Designs

Throughout university and what is now the start of my career as a designer, it is clear to see the strong desire to explore light and interpret this in to various sculptural forms, tableware, products and installation concepts. Light is an extremely intruiging subject to research, and can be found not only from the power of electricity but also natural light - both forms which can be manipulated and with picking the perfect material can create a very desirable outcome.

The Decorative Arts degree has enabled the use of a broad range of materials from ceramics, glass, wood, fabrics, metals and plastic - all of which I had taken on with various topics such as architecture, mould and nature to name a few, and all have somehow managed to end up with light being a key factor.

Specialising in glass is not only due to the challenges of the material and how it can be very unpredicatble, but also due to its relationship with light - the shadows and reflections are a key part of my outcomes, and adding this to the carefully thought of form and concecpt results in highly aethetic pieces which add calming ambiences and simplicity to an atmosphere.

Design is influenced by the experiences and world around us - what you see can determine your perception - an explosion of ideas, from taking the intricate detail of something, to englarging the smallest shape or form. People are intruiged by unusual objects or shape and form that seems out of character. Working on scale and repitition is a highlight within my works and brings a unique range and theme to the design industry.

To be a successful designer means not only being able to turn concepts into interesting pieces of work, but to be able to advertise, promote and understand your market area so that you have a clear idea that you are not the only person who will appreciate the effort and results. Add this to the carefully planned materials expenditure and sourcing, and you have the foundations of a stable business. Luckily, choosing the Live Trading module and learning the fundemantals of business has given me a great understanding of the industry and launching work which I am able to continue to use throughout my career.

Another important factor is to enjoy it. Throughout education you are constantly working to achieve a grade and once the results are apparent, many do not continue to design. It is the few who carry on with their work and believe that the industry would greatly benefit having them in this area that succeed to a challenging and exciting career. Designing and making is something that I have thoroughly enjoyed throughout my education, and have not stopped since graduating as shown by my website, attending exhibitions and becoming a Design Technology and Art Technician. I have shown that taking on any concept from the natural organic world to the manmade architectural ideas still results in unique and clever pieces which combine traditional and modern techniques. Being able to learn all I have has shaped me into a very versitile person, with an understanding of the possibilities when making and the involvement of current technologies. Combining all that has previously been learnt, only leads to wanting to explore the areas more in-depth.

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