Victoria Art Gallery, Bath

The Victoria Art Gallery in Bath has a great collection of artist works. The most current exhibition is 'Masters in Print' costing £3.50 to enter:

'Drawn from the Victoria & Albert Museum’s renowned print collection, this show explores the work of four great 20th-century artists: Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. Together these artists spanned 75 years that saw the birth of the modern age. Their work represents one of the most creative and diverse periods of printmaking. A feast for the eyes, this exhibition is organised by the V&A.'

Victoria Art Gallery (2014)

From visiting the exhibition it was interesting to see works from such well-known artists, and to gain inspiration from art that can be very simplistic such as Matisse's drawings, to complex and detailed posters by Salvador Dali.

The upstairs gallery consists of collections, paintings and sculptures from various artists, with a beautiful set of bohemien glasses showing rich colours encased in glass cabinets. The musem has a lot of detailed information and leaflets to look at about the pieces they have, and although fairly small, it does not effect the amount of works they have to show.It has been a very long time since I have been to an exhibition such as this, and from looking at the paintings in front of you, you are able to truley appreciate the hours of work put in to create these pieces. It is very difficult to find current artists who will spend this amount of time on works due to the nature of society being lazy and wanting finished pieces in an instant - work is now rushed and less detailed compared to artists in the past.

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