The Final Results of 'Delight in Light' & End of 100% Design

On the last day of 100% Design Exhibition the public votes were stopped at 1:30pm and the three judges commenced discussion on each individual designs. Each contestant was also allowed to vote for someone elses design, and I voted for Max Ashford 'Quercus' due to the simple yet effective design, and the atmosphere in which the lighting creates from the sandblasted recycled glass. The judges then called us all together to annouce the four finalists who would then present at the Forum in the International Pavillion where each design was discussed, with criticisms and compliments from the judges. To the 4 unsuccessful entries, the judges still gave feedback on how to improve their designs but fortunately my designs were great enough to proceed to the very finals.

Although the public votes were cast, these are an indication of the final 4 the judges will select so could infact pick a completely different four than the works who had the most votes. However, this year the judges agreed with the top 4 who the public chose, with the Geometric Pendant Lighting gaining the second highest number of votes withing the votes, and Peter Iveson yet again winning the majority.

The presentations commenced roughly 20 minutes after being told about the final designs, with the judges commenting that the lighting which I have created shows a strong aspect of form and colour, yet the actual light fitting is wrong and could be easily interpreted to LEDs inside the lid and therefore meaning the fitting inside looks comfortable rather than its current position. Another comment was to play with the amount of glass used as each individual light is roughly 2kg, and due to being in a cluster the overall piece would be extremely heavy. Whilst all members of the Delight in Light competition were on stage, no one was attending the stand, and my visual booklet with detailed information on had dissapeard which is rather unfortunate - it is dissapointing that my time, effort and money had gone in to this, but also that a person has the information to replicate the designs. Due to this as well as the vast amount of interest and photographs being taken I will be investigating the use of ACID Copyright Insurance.

The experience of the exhibition has been unforgetable, and being able to take advice from Alexander Taylor (Industrial Designer of Alexander Taylor Studio), Simon Terry (Anglepoise) and Peter Hunt (Lighting Industry Association) is not to be dismissed. The winner was then announced and congratulations were in order to Peter Iveson for his design 'Study Bright' inspired by his experience in India.

Although it is a success to win, the opportunity to exhibit as such a well-known event is more than enough to be pleased with, especially being able to talk to other lighting designers and hear their views. Another company who approached our stand was Fabulight who use fibre optics and acrylics to create delicate and detailed focal pieces for interiors, and who were also exhbiting at the event. Liam Ellis mentioned his success within the company, and gave advice on the public photographing, pricing and mounting my designs.

Exhibiting at this event has given me even more determination to succeed within this industry, and from the support of the public it is clear to see my designs and concepts are something that consumers and viewers would like to see more of. The next stage is to research into specialised light fittings and perfect the attachments, creating an even more professional outcome for interior spaces.

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