Day 3 of 100% Design

Day 3 of the exhibition well underway, the competition is showing to be very popular among visitors who are very interested in the designs, especially my pendant lighting. It is a great compliment for someone to say that they had been looking at Tom Dixon's Pendant Lighting but think that mine are better. I've had business cards given to me from interior companies which will be followed up in due course, as well as almost all my business cards gone which will involve an emergency trip to Staples.

Other designs which have shown to be successful are Peter Iveson's 'Study Bright' who won the majority of votes online and Max Ashford's Design 'Quercus'.

Not only is it important to be available on the stand to discuss designs, the opportunity to talk to other designers about their works and success' is also a good idea. Speaking to South African Designer 'Egg Designs' who creates Surilight was a great support and mentioned his success, starting out, costs and concepts which I can apply to my work. His advice was to explore different lighting ideas such as counter balancing and various switches which are available within the UK and that he would definitely explore if he was based here.

Another design which I came across was blown glass pendant lights by Red Sur exhibiting with the Argentine Embassy UK. The design is similar to mine with the fact that there is no open bottom to attach the light bulb and fittings to, so have solved this issue by extending the neck of the design and drilling holes in either side. The fitting is the held by a steel bar and wire which takes the tension of the light making it safer. With this in mind, alterations to my lighting will be addressed to ensure an even safer design.

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