Set up at Earls Court

From 12 - 4.30pm, the 8 finalists from the Delight in Light competition set up their works ready the start of the exhibition. It is interesting to see the contender's designs in real life and the flaws the products have that are not visible from the photographs they had submitted on the website. However, due to being new within the industry and still perfecting these prototypes the exhibition will bring opportunities and discussions with designers who have been in business for a long time - thus expanding on our designs.

After discussing the best possible options for hanging the pendant lighting, and also being allowed 3 instead of 1 which is excellent news, the works have been hung at a lower length than when exhibiting at New Designers, and viewers are able to see the works at eye-level rather than peering up high. This allows a more close up look of the designs, showing the faceted edges and focusing on the attention to detail with the metal plate tops.

Voting commences throughout the whole of the exhibition (17th - 20th) where the competition will be narrowed down to 4 finalists. Once the 4 designers have been selected, they each will give a presentation on their works resulting in one final winner.

Although the exhibition has not started yet, a women from an interior company exhibiting within the show stated that after walking past the stand three times she couldn't help but take a closer look and pick up a business card. She also mentioned she will be voting for my lighting as they are 'beautiful pieces of work'.

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