Preparation for 100% Design - Lighting Industry Association

With only a few days left to prepare for the exhibition, I have now been told I am able to bring three lights with me but it is still undecided what colours - the most interest so far are Heliotrope, Grey and Blue although all lights will be brought with me just incase of last minute changing.

With the competition clearly stating the intended brief, it is hard to understand how the public will be aware of the effort put in behind the work without supporting material and showing that the designer has understood the guidelines. With this in mind I have created a small look book which I am hoping to place in front of my designs - this is a visually exciting 16 page booklet which has more information about the background of the designs. It is also extremely important for the lighting to be situated within an interior so the public are able to put the designs in to perspective.

Although there may be a fair amount of writing on the booklet it is mostly there to skim-read, picking out paragraphs that would be of interest to certain members of the public whether it be other designers or buyers etc.

Not only will the booklet be available to read at the exhibition, but pages are stored as JPEGs which will then be published on Twitter so more people are aware of the information.

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