Finalist in Delight in Light Competition - 100% Design

With recently entering the Delight in Light competition and showing how much time and consideration has gone into the design, the hard work has paid off and the Geometric Pendant Lighting has been chosen to exhibit at 100% Design in London on 17th - 20th September 2014 along with 8 other finalists from the competition. This therefore means the works will be in a prime location, exhibiting along side well-known professional designers and will be a stressful yet perfect opportunity for networking, collaborations and perhaps even comissions.

43 designs were entered in to the Delight in Light compeition with just under 6000 votes cast, and with being up against such strong entries it is an honour to have been chosen. As said before the pendant lighting has something unique about its design - being simple yet portraying a sense of power within its public interior. With the inspiration behind the design being very modern and being easy to put in to production due to replicating the mould etc, it therefore shows that this design could quite easily be an actual product creating profit within the industry.

The prototype needs to be brought to the exhbition, and as it is a ceiling design which takes a little longer to assemble compared to the other it will need to be arranged and set up the day before. Whether they will want only a single light or the set of 5 is yet to be discussed although due to the works being recommended as cluster lighting, it would be preferred that all are exhbited.

From only just graduating and being able to exhibit at 100% Design in the London Design Festival is very rare, and I am extremely grateful to be a part of this.

As for working along side my job as Technician, the school would benefit highly from having a member of staff working so close to the design industy, gaining research and techical skills from this exhibition, and expanding my professional development within the subject area. Any comissions taken at the exhibition will have to work along side my job as it is something I would like to stay due to being good experience and a stable job to have straight after university.

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