Design Technology & Art Technician, and Ventura London

After accepting the job of Design Technology and Art Technician at a secondary school in the South West, I have been doing various amounts of training and am now certified to use Portable Power Tools (S9HS) and I am also officially trained in Sharpening & Grinding (S10HS) under health and safety standards with the Design Technology Association. This allows me to understand various machinery, as well as using tools correctly and safely. I will be doing various other training courses throughout my time within the school which could potentiallly be useful within my own work practice. Qualifications last up to 5 years.

Now that I have an enjoyable full time job, I am able to save as much money as possible to invest in materials which will lead to the exploration of new designs. I am interested in creating smaller cast geometric sculptures to add to the range, enabling me to use up a large amount of scrap glass left over from my Architectural Wall Panelling. I would love to create a new colour range consisting of greens/blues/oranges for a bright and busy contemporary interior, although lack of funds means the ideas will be pen to paper until enough money is set up for the practice. I believe the Geometric Pendant Lighting has the potential to expand with the combination of exotic colours and mixed materials, and with the invitation to One Year On it is clear to see that others have the same thoughts.

Not only have I had a vast amount of ideas emerging, I have also been invited to exhibit at Ventura London in partnership with Designjunction in the London design week which would be a fantastic opportunity to showcase my pendant lighting in such a perfect environment. However, due to lack of funds and my full time job I am unable to attend - with a small stand costing approximately 500 Euros. The exhibition is for open entries and therefore means that after setting up and expanding on my designs I would consider this as a good opportunity for the future, with perfected designs which are current and on trend. I am extremely thankful for the suggestion of being part of Ventura London and would like to visit at the exhibition this year to ensure my work would be suitable for showcasing here.

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