New Designers Part 1 2014

New Designers Exhibition Part 1 is an extremely important show to be a part of, gaining interest from various market areas as well as boosting your network. The lighting had shown to be a very intruiging piece of design, with business' such as PR First London and commenting on how 'at last, some great lighting', as well various members of the public enquiring on purchasing the products individually.

Homebuildlife who are part of WGSN and focus on interior trending had photographed the work as a lighting report is to be created soon after the exhibition, and EuroMold were extremely interested in the inspiration behind the work, as well as showing them the portfolio showing the Architectural Wall Panelling which uses CAD. With such interest they had invited me to exhibit in Frankfurt in Germany this November which brings architects, designers and prototyping together.

Not only was the exhibition good for expanding my future career through the business side, but discussing the work with other graduates and lecturers from different universities also gives you motivation to carry on exploring the materials and processes. Speaking to a lecturer from Edinburgh university on the upcoming Masters courses seems a very intruging approach, with a vast amount of facillities and focusing on landscape design and architecture within glass. However, being able to do a masters requires a vast amount of money, so perhaps after saving this could be possible and Edinburgh would definitely be an option to consider.

On the Thursday the Contemporary Glass Society award was presented and after the names had been announced the judges has kindly come round afterwards to the NTU stand to inform me that I had been very close to getting a runner up prize, with one judge David Reekie showing a great interest in my work. Although it would have been an honour to win, the fact that the judges had mentioned my name afterwards shows they understand the dedication and commitment to the material and the design work to go with.

Being at New Designers has definitely been a worthwhile experience, and to have a vast majority of businesses, the public, lecturers, graduates and students all showing a love for your work is a great boost in confidence.

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