Press Pack

With preparation for New Designers underway, the press pack for the exhibition has now been complete giving an insight in to the background of the works, inspiration, pricing and artist statement.

It is important not to write too much as more thank likely, they won't read it all. The information given is straight to the point and shows professionalism and interest within the design industry. Each print off will be double sided resulting in a total of 2 A4 pages and 1 A5.

The information on pricing is given at the retail price, ensuring all materials expenditure is taken in to account, as well as the charge of Anthony Wassel to blow the pieces. Depending on the availablity of Anthony, as well as how many products are purchased will determine how long the products will take to finish - a wait of approximately 4 weeks will be given to ensure no timing issues arise.

O T H E R   N E W S