New Designers Prep.

The New Designers meeting within NTU consisted of telling the group a description of the space, and any information we need such as business cards, price lists and not forgetting the Creo brochure from our degree show.

It states on the New Designers website how important it is to create a press pack and push the works in to the industry with high quality imagery and information such as your CV, artist statement and the inspiration behind the works as a booklet and non CD however our course leader has stated that after attending many exhibitions this is extra work that we do not need to produce.

But even though we have been told the press pack is uneccessary, I feel that preparing the information that the exhibition advises will represent myself as a well-organised graduate who is willing to make the effort and make the buyer/employer's role quicker and easier. Therefore, the idea is to have all the information in a small A5 booklet, showing many visuals and a clear intention of what I have created, who for, why and a small introduction of myself and my future intentions which will be available on request.

The written work supports the pendant lights which have now been taken down from the NTU Decorative Arts Degree Show and boxed up (with lots of bubble wrap and a good clean) ready to be transported to London. There is no guarentee the safety of the products and would be unfortunate if any of the works break during the move - if the issue occurs the consideration of displaying 3 instead of 5 may need to be discussed.

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