Setting up for the degree show took a vast amount of planning with an MDF roofing over the two boards to suspend the lights. This was cut, painted and secured in place although did need to be slightly longer out the front so that the pendant lights could be central to the left board instead of hanging infront of the wall panelling on the right side.

Industry night commenced 29th May 2014 and was a successful turn out, with companies being very interested in the lighting. This was the first time the lights have all been suspended together and lit - and luckily the 2.3W LED bulb used for each piece is not too bright, working extremely well together and creating beautiful coloured reflections on the white boards.

In a way the pendant lights have done as exactly as intended - creating an aesthetic focal point, however this detracts the attention away from the Architectural Wall Panelling. The works would have benefited from being exhibited away from the lighting so that it can be appreciated for its texture and arrangement.

The Geometric Pendant Lighting was created for bespoke public interiors such as bars and restaurants, and when speaking to various business' they could quite easily get this impression without me having to prompt where they should be located.

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