Geometric Pendant Lighting Completion

The Geometric Pendant Lighting is a highly aesthetic and unique product which has been created using a process of mould making and glass blowing. The collaboration with Anthony Wassell has been greatly successful, and although the works have had some major issues with the light fittings and being unable to access the bottom of the light, the products are finally finished and at a professional standard.

As with the Architectural Wall Panelling, these too are a focal point for bespoke interiors. With a carefully selected colour pallett that highlights current trending (A/W 15/16), and is able to work as an independant light or in a cluster.

For the degree show, the works will be sold either individually, as a 3, or as a whole (all 5 pendants).

The final colours chosen for the lighting relate to the wall panelling and are also perfect for public interior spaces:

- Steel Blue

- Grey

- Purple

- Heliotrope

- Clear

O T H E R   N E W S