Degree Show Set Up

Not only does our degree involve the completion of personal degree work, but also requires us to work as a collective and exhibit/sell our works at various events.

The first show is naturally the degree show at Nottingham Trent University, with industry night being 29th May 2014. To prepare for this, all boards need to be sanded down and painted white, and can then be transported over to Newton Building where the show is located. It is here that the boards are put up with the help of technicians and eventually, on the day before the event we can display our work.

For this, I am located at the very end of the corridor behind the restaurant - it is slightly out the way and a little dark, but with the use of my lighting I believe that I can draw attention down to the end, and become a very intruiging stand.

The Architectural Wall Panelling will be situated on the right hand side of the board in the center, and the Geometric Pendant Lighting will be suspended from the top of the two boards but so they drop down infront of the left board. Due to having created two end products which link, I am able to have two of the boards which will be set at a righ angle.

I am hoping that when all 5 pendant lights are turned on they will not become to bright - the LED's purchased are apparently equivelant to that of a 15W bulb which therefore should be fine. The idea is for the light from the pendants to reflect off the wall panelling and highlight the texture, as well as creating metallic colouring on the boards from the coloured glass.

After the degree show we are then told if we are suitable for New Designers in London at the end of June, and can also exhibit our work within the shop at Cobden Chambers, Nottingham.

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