Architectural Wall Panel Completion

After carefully organising materials, kiln bookings and time, a total of twelve panels have been created as part of the wall panelling installation. Each kiln-formed glass piece has been replicated to produce the same texture with small detail of metallic copper triangles enclosed inside the glass.

With the texture being the main focal point of the works, the glass creates a wavy effect from the side meaning it will be extremely difficult to attach to the wall without drilling in to the works. The idea is to purchase so clear perpex and create small mechanisms around the glass to hold them in place.

The visualisations of my work show where they are best suited and provide consumers with more of an idea of what to expect if looking to purchase the piece. The main interiors where the works shall be situated is public spaces such as office, waiting or reception areas as well as restaurants and bars- this is so that many are able to appreciate the piece and can truly admire the concept of architecture and geometry within an interior.

The size of the piece is approximately 4ft wide by 3ft tall, with 3 rows and 4 columns.

O T H E R   N E W S