Professional Photographs & Creo Website

The outcome of the professional photographs was a great success showing compositions that represent the fundementals of our final projects, as well as the final outcomes. These will all be placed on the Creo website which will show just how diverse and unique the course is. With over 60 students all using a variety of materials and process, it will be extremely interesting to see the outcome of the degree show with so many different objects and products being created.

My composition was produced on giving the idea of my passion for the material, as well as the original concept of perspective and architecture. I believe that structure and experimentation is portrayed well in the photograph, with complex samples and the combination of mixed materials. I tried to use samples I have created throughout the project, using very basic glass bits from right at the beginning, to the more detailed and lengthy processed pieces such as the large panel situated on the bottom left which had been created just before my final designs.

The small photos of exterior architecture has been included as an obvious clue, and showing a direct relationship to the development of structure and triangular forms. CAD is apparent within the composition, showing the laser-sintered tessellated objects situated in the top left.

I would like to thank Yasim Ensor for taking the time to photograph our work, with very successful outcomes:

Creo Website:

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