Postcard Design

For the degree show it important to create a memorable branding name and use high quality photographs to enhance the work. Business cards or postcards for the industry is a very important aspect of becoming known in the design industry, as viewers or potential employers have all your contact details as well as having an image of your work that they can relate to.

With taking this in to account, I have produced a series of postcard designs to send off to MOO. They delivery will take approximately 1 and a half weeks which therefore leaves the last ordering date no later than 16th May. The idea is to have all final work photographed e.g. light fittings attached and lit, as well a number of panels hung up to show the actual visual. However, in case of this not being possible, the designs I have created now which do not include the light fittings but still include the overall aspect of the design as well as branding logo will be used.


O T H E R   N E W S