Cold Working Pendant Lighting

The first of the geometric glass pendants are now ready to be cold worked and with evaluating the colours I am happy with the results. The grey piece which has split is a perfect colour to enhance the architectural feel for an interior and will be a colour to be used for the next session. As for the steel blue, it still seems too blue - I would hope to have more of a grey effect for the next piece.

For the other colours, depending on how many can be blown I will be taking colours from the metallic annealed copper within the wall panelling so that the two works compliment eachother. As long as the colours suit trending according to WGSN and other sources, then the range will inevitably be successful. I am hoping for atleast 5 final designs and colours to be arranged as a clustered light, creating a warm/metallicy atmosphere.

Cold working the piece will be extremely difficult due to the flat top and will have to be cut using the diamond saw, and then finished on the linisher or flat bed grinder. After the works have been finsihed, measurements of the hole at the top will need to be taken and then a fitting will have to be arranged. The fact that there is no open hole at the bottom has made the design extremely difficult to work with, and from researching various pendant lights in the current industry it seems that there are very few who support this design. However, it is not impossible and many designers have managed to fit a light bulb and fitting in to the top without any other type of access. The idea is to have a strong metal ring with a thread that it stuck on top so that the light fitting can be screwed on to this and suspend accordingly. The only issue I may have is that the metal ring will not hole the weight of the glass.

The next glass blowing session is 24th April


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