Professional Photographs for Degree Show

It is extremely important for any work or products created to be photographed in a professional manner as this can increase advertisment and sales dramatically. With the correct lighting and equipment, the photographs will compliment your work and make it look far more interesting and appealing.

As part of our Creo branding name for our whole year, we hired a photographer to take pictures of an inspiration board as well as close ups of our final pieces. The inspiration board consists of a composition of any particular imagery, objects, colours or samples that have influenced our projects throughout the year. Within my A2 board I had placed a textured panel with copper triangles, various architectural imagery from my own photographs to secondary visuals, as well as 3D printed forms and small glass samples. As for the final pieces, the works photographs are not the complete desired outcome but are very similar to what I have in mind. Unfortunately due to the photos being on this day, we were unable to head over to Matlock for Glassblowing, nor to collect the pieces from last week. This means that the pendant lighting that has been blown will not be in these professional photographs for the website and brochure.

Once the photographs have all been uploaded, the website will be live and can be accessed by the public, advertising the works and gaining publicity which will therefore hopefully attract the design industry.


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