Panelling Arrangements and Costs

With the final designs of the Architectural Wall Panelling coming together, the visualisation of arrangement needs to be considered as well as the cost of each piece. The idea is to create as larger piece as possible, creating a powerful statement and an understanding of the atmosphere of exterior architecture - although this does require a sufficient amount of money considering that each panel costs approximately £13 to make.

As a result of the calculations, It is going to be very difficult to be able to afford such a piece and therefore sacrifices will have to be made. Either there will be less panells in the end, perhaps no more than 16/20, or using thinner glass at 3mm instead of 6mm which is half the price. The only issue that may occur is that the thinner the glass the more brittle - this may dramtically affect the quality of the installation.

A test piece of two 3mm thick glass sheets fused together with the desired pattern on has been fired and the pattern from slumping will commence Friday 25th April due to kilns being booked up and Easter getting in the way. After this I can then decide the prefered outcome and purchase the correct thickness of glass and set up a large kiln for firing several panels.


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