Next Panelling Outcome

The next Architectural Panel to be created is a minimal amount of copper foil cut in to the exact shape of the 3D printed forms. To make sure the glass did not drop I had placed the plaster forms upside down underneath so that the flat surface replicates the outline of the copper. However, in doing so it has proved difficult to get the combination exact and as shown in the picture is slightly off.

I believe the composition of the design is far more pleasing that previous samples, with the copper being less dominating and showing the tessellated pattern throughout the rest of the glass. Unfortunately, due to there being less metal, the only pieces of foil within the work are now able to heat up more than before causing the whole of the foil to anneal instead of only some. I would like to rethink the temperature of the piece as this was bubble soaked for 10 minutes at 577 degrees and them fired at a top temperature of 825 degrees for 25 minutes which is obviously the reason of the metal becoming a complete whole colour. The metallic purples and blues adds to the aesthetics of the piece and is still beautiful in its own right, but the actual copper colour before it is fired is also a current trend I would like to follow.

The next firing to take into consideration will be the same composition, with the 3D printed forms round the right way and being extrememly careful of the positioning of the triangles. Sacrificing the higher temperature and firing at 800 without a bubble soak of 10 minutes may allow for the copper to gain the colours previously created. I believe I have created the slumping temperature sequence to its best,picking up the texture without dropping too much.


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