Glassblowing with Anthony Wassell

A group of us headed over to Matlock to visit Anthony Wassell to start the glassblowing sessions. These are 6 lessons paid for by the university which allows us to discuss our current projects with the artist who can then recreate our drawings and ideas through blowing unique pieces.

As my final project is to do with geometric forms and after showing him the designs I had previously created, he was able to confirm that the only way to get my desired pieces is to create a mould, preferably out of plaster/flint. The small pendant lights need to have as sharp edges as possible and ideally have a flat top. The form is purposly difficult to exceed the expectations of the material and its associated themes of flowing natural forms.

Anthony then dicussed the idea of creating a lid on top of the plaster/flint mould with hinges and a hole large enough to fit a bulb through. Due to the designs not having a hollow bottom it is going to be difficult to attach a bulb and keep it in place. With this in mind and researching Tom Dixons glass pendant lights, there is a way to drill a hole through the side of the glass and create a stopper.

With the next workshop session being 3rd April, I have 2 weeks to produce an interesting geometric form from polyprepane which I will then pour plaster in, then create a one part mould and the metal sheet lid.

In the mean time, we could have a couple of pieces blown for us on the first session so we used one of his metal moulds that had sharp, clean cut edges, without a lid and also to test little pieces of copper that I have previously used in my Architectural Panelling. We are able to see the outcome on Monday 24th were I will be able to evaluate how well this piece has turned out.


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