Slumped Copper Panel

Everyone seems to find this outcome a great success and very visually pleasing although I am inclined to think that there is too much going on with the copper pattern and colouring, as well as the tessellated texture underneath. The detailed print of the plaster/flint forms is not pickekd up where the copper foil is and therefore does not work effectively. I feel that the copper works by itself, and so does the texture. However combining both is too chaotic.

This firing sequence was exactly the same as the glitter panel apart from being at the top temperature for 10 minutes longer which didn't seem to make a difference. I either have to think of a neat and interesting way to combine the two parts or create two seperate panel installations showing both effects.

I will be creating another panel exactly the same as this but changing the firing time slightly by bubble soaking it for a longer time in the hope that the tessellated detail is picked up even more. The next stage of the patterning and colour will involve cutting out copper triangles in the exact same shape as the plaster flint forms and trying to rearrange them in a more ordered fashion.

On another note, glass blowing will now be back on after being postponed for certain circumstances. Here I will be able to show my designs previously created a few weeks ago in the hope to combine the copper foil within the process.


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