Trip to Edinburgh - Bruce Munro's Installation

As Bruce Munro has always been an inspiration to my work, I travelled to Edinburgh at the weekend to see the installation in St. Andrews Square. This particular work called 'Field of Light' has been created using acrylic tubing and balls, fibre optic cables and LED projectors situated throughout the area.

Last year I was kindly allowed to visit Bruce Munro as part of my contextual research for my latest project at the time. Here I gained a vast amount of information on lighting, materials and his and his team's studio practice. I was able to see the staff take on a variety of roles from packagaing and organising parts of the installations, as well as keeping to specific measurements when cutting the fibre optic cables. However, I did not see any large scale pieces up and running within their final locations so visiting Edinburgh allowed me to appreciate the finished works.

I would love to have the achievement of creating such a strong and powerful statement through an installation such as Field of Light which is only possible with the organised timem and staff. The works still relate to my current project of 'Architectual Glass Panelling' not because of the theme, but due to the repetition of form being shown to create one large and visually exciting impression.

One of Bruce's main inspirations is from the landscape and enviroments within Australia and with this in mind is more of a reason to explore Australia myself and to gain an extensive amount of visual research, becoming more culturally aware in the hope of producing interesting and unusual pieces of work.

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