Slumped Panel #2

The first of the thicker panels has been slumped at a top temperature of 740 degrees with a dwelling time of 20 minutes. The detail of the plaster/flint objects has worked well and creates a very interesting pattern. However, there are issues with the pieces - where I have not evenly placed the plaster forms around the edges, some of the glass has dropped too much creating large lips on the outside. Although this is a problem it is easily solved.

Other factors I may address is the fact that the glass could take more of the detail as there are still parts which aren't completely textures. This would mean either adding on another 10 minutes to the dwelling time, or perhaps lengthening the bubble soaking stage.

I believe that for my final pieces I will discontinue with the use of stringers due to becoming to fluid-like when being slumped over. The next panels to be slumped will be the copper panels so it will be interesting to see how these turn out. I am hoping that the copper will still look the way it does, being annealed on the outside and still in its original state within the middle but firing again could alter this.

More plaster and flint forms are going to need to be produced as I have only created enough to support one panel which will be no good when I need to produce several in one firing. Another problem I will have to address is how to attach the panels to the wall - the panels are extremely textured which means fittings will not sit flushed to the glass.

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