Panelling - Fused Outcome #1

The first two panels are finally out the kiln and can now be evaluated. The most successful out of the two is the copper foil triangles which have created a range of colours which was unexpected. From what I had predicted from my samples, the work was going to be all one colour which would have been the metallic blue. But it looks as if where the glass heats up the edges first, there was a reaction here and the glass was not hot enough in the center. I am more drawn to this outcome that what I had originally thought and the colours also fit in with Autumn/Winter 2014 colour trends.

The other panel with silver flakes and copper powder seemed pretty standard with nothing too exciting happening. Where the copper oxide powder was applied quite thick, only tiny bubbles are apparent and the colour is very dark. Unfortunately where the silver flakes where placed a bubble had formed so will not be using this for the final pieces of the degree. I have also come to the conclusion that they seem too glittery for my theme and almost comes across as tacky.

Unfortunately the firing sequence needs to be perfected as you are still able to see the fused line between the two 6mm sheets. The next stage will be to increase the top temperature to 830 degrees, and if this does not give a desired result I will extend the hold on the top temperature for longer.

The next stage of the process is slumping over the 3D plaster/flint forms which will take place with the silver flake panel.

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