Progress with 3D Forms

The mould making process using silicone has finally come under way and have now been producing solid forms using sand and plaster, as well as flint and plaster. The reason for both is that I have not yet completely understood the limitations of the materials and would like to slump over both types to see the difference. I believe that the sand will create more of a texture compared to the flint which is an outcome I do not want.

Once I have created enough 3D forms, the slumping will begin and will consist of using different thicknesses of glass, moving the forms closer and further apart, and changing the temperatures and times in the kiln process. With taking my feedback on board, I have accepted that slumping over 3D printed forms straight from the machine does not work and that they are part of, and not the whole process - hence why I have created a complex shape which I have made a mould of.

Other routes I may take my work are to cast the forms in glass so I have a unique solid shape and perhaps apply this to the panelling, creating very strong sharp forms instead of an embossing effect. One problem I may face with the embossing is that the objects are quite high, meaning the glass will have further to fall and may create folds where air sits. If this occurs, I may try and drill very small holes in the objects for suction.

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