Pattern on panelling

The image shows a basic rendered visualisation of my idea so far. How big these pieces are will depend on how much money I am able to spend on glass, but even 5 high quality and carefully made panells will give an indication of where the work is headed. I will need to create a variety of samples which test the temperature in the kiln when slumping over the forms so that the glass heats at an even temperature and drops at the same time without being thick in one place and thin in the other. I plan to work in 12mm thickness which may result in issues such as breaking the 3D forms due to the heaviness of the glass.

With being one of the very few student on my course taking an interest in this material and rapid prototyping, I am aiming to create quite a large impact within the degree show and hope that my work will be very different because of the unique approach I have chosen.

O T H E R   N E W S