Developing my colour research, I have thoroughly looked at the WGSN colour trends for Autumn/Winter 2014 - this will be a good time for any industries to look in to my work for purchasing ready for the end of the year. So taking this in to account, I have created my own colour palett using my primary visual research and keeping with the trending of specific colours. I have then interpreted this to the most similar colours of glass I am able to purchase in a variety of forms such as powders, enamels, stringers and sheet glass.

Colour is something I feel less strongly about which is why my main focus was originally to highlight the concept of structural forms rather than go in to this area of work. But peer and module feedback have strongly advised to follow this, and will push my work to be more visually exciting. Samples of selected pallets will be created and evaluated in the hope of a strong end result.

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