Form Progression & Feedback

Carrying on with designing asymmetric moulds for pendant lighting, it is proving difficult to get such a complex shape from bending card or acetate although the outcome situated in the picture is coming along nicely. It does depend however, if these shapes can be developed to create something interesting. I am wondering whether it is possible to create a large shape from the 3D printer and place back to back to create an interesting form which I can then create a plaster mould of and have that blown in to.

Feedback from one of the lecturers was given to me which was unexpected, and stated that they're confused by the relationship between 'laser sintered' objects and glass panelling, as well as not knowing my target audience... It states in my contextual file that the market I am aiming for is the bespoke, high end area with competitors such as Tom Dixion, Paul Cocksedge, Esther Patterson and so on. My work has expanded to glass panelling and lighting which clearly represents a strong theme of architecual perspective and geometry. These themes are also shown within the 3D printed objects.

My written files and sketchbook show visual understanding and progression throughout the year, and many lecturers who understand this are very intruiged by what the work will develop in to. I am looking forward to my creative feedback with the glass lecturer for more motivation.

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