Designing Pendant Lighting

With the University providing 5 lessons of glass blowing with Anthony Waissel, I have taken the opportunity to elaborate on my geometric light theme by attempting to design pendants that push the potential of the material. Glass blowing will naturally take on a fluid-like formation and therefore is a very common sight within the industy. The idea is to create steel moulds that have very sharp edges and are asymmetric, so that the blown form can be pushed in to the moulds to take the shape.

Although this is an interesting idea, it is difficult to predict if the glass will create a good enough effect. There is also the concept of producing a solid metal form and pushing the blown glass over the top to create negative spacing which has great potential. I ideally want to create small lights and cluster them in the hope of creating some kind of perspective, as well as taking on a versitile and grey tone palette.

The first session commences 20th February and will consist of sketchbook discussions which will then direct me to the best possible outcome for Architectual Glass Pendant Lighting.


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